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Tool Control Systems

Tool Control Systems

esz AG offers complete solutions for organising and storing your tools. Using modern CNC technology, we develop organisation systems for any desired tool. If you don’t yet have any storage solutions for your tools or would like to replace existing cases or boxes, we offer a wide range of customised solutions. We can also supply you with fully equipped tool cases according to your specifications.
In our laboratories, we calibrate, adjust and repair your entire range of measuring instruments from a single source.

Tool Control Systems

Tool Control Systems Automotive

Secure storage and transportation solutions with our
Tool Control Systems

Our storage, packaging and transportation solutions enable workshops and companies to store their tools optimally and transport them safely. Put an end to loose tools lying around in drawers or toolboxes. Optimum organisation means you can work more effectively and save time. Thanks to our tool control systems, you can create tidy and structured work and assembly stations in your company. You also protect your devices and tools during transportation. The individual foam inserts (shadow boards) are ideal for storing, packing and transporting your devices. As a reusable logistics solution, they are also environmentally friendly.

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Individual foam inserts (shadow boards)

We manufacture our custom-fit foam inserts exactly to your requirements. Tools of all kinds can be stored and transported safely. Thanks to the milled removal aids, the tools can be easily removed and stowed away again. On request, we can engrave the shadow boards with your logo or identification. The mats are also available in an ESD version.

Custom-fit foam mat
Shadowboard yellow

Material / Colours

We use two-tone mats made of highly durable polyethylene foam (PE foam). We customise the foam inserts from the raw mats. The mats usually consist of two layers welded together:

  1. The top layer in anthracite (approx. 5 mm)
  2. One layer at a height of your choice or according to the dimensions of your tool
Customised foam inserts


We offer you two options for measuring your tools:

  • Dispatch
    You send us individual tools or complete sets. All individual parts are precisely measured by us. We use the data as a basis for a perfect fit.
  • On-site measurement
    Our mobile measuring devices, which we use as an option for measuring tools and components for larger orders, allow us to come to you – without any effort on your part. The prices for this depend on the scope and effort involved.
Milling the foam inserts

Milling the foam inserts

We cut the foam inserts individually from the raw mats. The tools on the individual inlays are either arranged according to your specifications or positioned by our specialists. A CAD milling machine takes over the precise cutting of the tool inserts.

individual surface signature

Individual surface signature

With our surface laser of laser protection class 4, we create a precise, individual signature for your tool control system. Tool numbers and sizes can be engraved into the hard foam for added clarity. But we can also engrave your tools according to your specifications.

  • Individual surface signature
  • Highly precise design
  • Numerous materials can be signed
  • Laser for mobile use on site
  • QR code possible as laser engraving

We can label and mark almost any material for you. (font size 100 x 100 mm). Individual markings on measuring tools, tool sets or promotional items. With our laser systems, various serial numbers, serial files and logos can be applied to your product quickly and precisely. Font sizes and text shapes can be freely selected using computer control and can be reproduced precisely.

screwdriver spanner
TCS case in hanger

Tool Control Systems for Aviation Services

Our storage and transportation solutions enable aviation companies, airlines and their service personnel to maintain aircraft or helicopters in a highly efficient, mobile and fast manner while ensuring uncompromising safety. The storage solutions prevent foreign object damage in the field and in the hangar, because due to the shadow boards in our tool control systems, the possible loss of a tool is quickly noticed. For added safety during aircraft maintenance.

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Individual Tool Control Systems

We can put together Tool Control Systems (TCS) for you according to your requirements. This starts with the selection of the right transport case and ranges from the complete equipping of the shadow boards with tools to marking by means of laser engraving. You tell us what type of TCS and tools you need and we will order and assemble your tool control system.

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TCS case

Your benefits

  • Customised storage and transportation solutions
  • Individual engraving of all parts
  • Avoidance of foreign object damage
  • Fully equipped TCS systems
  • Manufacturer-independent