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esz AG calibration &
metrology is one of the
leading and most modern
European metrology laboratories

The company focusses on the calibration of industrial measurement technology. A perfect fit Software solutions, a large service portfolio and cost transparency have characterised us from the competition for 45 years.

Contact person

You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 08:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday from 08:00 am to 4:30 pm.


Daniel Herrmann

Managing Director Sales

Phone: +49-8141-88887-164

Außendienst Wagensonner

Felix Wagensonner

Sales management Germany

Phone: +49-151-22410263

Außendienst Kreim

Manuel Kreim

Southern sales region

Phone: +49-151-63483843

Erdal Ertugrul

Erdal Ertugrul

South-West sales region

Phone: +49-8141-88887-856

Außendienst Stärkel

Andreas Stärkel

South-East sales region

Phone: +49-175-9848691

Außendienst Möller

Christian Möller

North-West sales region

Phone: +49-175-6656243

Außendienst Raith

Franz Raith

Business Development (AT | CH | IT | SI)


Außendienst Dobai

Barna Dobai

Eastern Europe sales region

Phone: +36-30-390-2889

Außendienst Hübert

Michael Hübert

Business Development (Automotive testing technology)

Phone: +49-160-97202108

Außendienst Wiere

Michael Wiere

Business Development (Aviation/TCS)

Phone: +49-151-42400848


company map

Eichenau – headquarters

Max-Planck-Straße 16
D-82223 Eichenau

Phone: +49-8141-88887-0

esz Eichenau

Steinfurt – east

Webereistraße 3
D-48565 Steinfurt

Phone: +49-2552-63955-2

esz Steinfurt

Berlin – northwest

Richard-Willstätter-Str. 14
D-12489 Berlin

Phone: +49-8141-88887-600

esz Berlin

Mannheim – southeast

Donaustraße 68
D-68199 Mannheim

Phone: +49-621-845882-0

esz Mannheim

Nuremberg – south

Nordostpark 12
D-90411 Nürnberg

Phone: +49-911-239932-80

esz Nürnberg

Vienna – Austria

Lemböckgasse 49
Haus 2, Stiege D
A-1230 Wien

Phone: +43-1-6981241-0

esz Wien

Eastern Europe

Budafoki út 97-103
H-1117 Budapest


esz Budapest


Max-Planck-Straße 16
D-82223 Eichenau

Phone: +49-8141-88887-0

esz Eichenau


company management
Daniel Herrmann, Katharina Schwarzenbrunner, Oliver Fleischmann, Wicke Fleischer, Philip Fleischmann (from left to right)

Philip Fleischmann:
Executive Board and Technical Management

Philip Fleischmann has technical responsibility for the work results of all technical departments in the company as well as overall responsibility for ensuring compliance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 at esz AG. He manages the technical staff from the consulting, QM, IT management and calibration laboratories.

Oliver Fleischmann:
Board of Directors and Executive Board Finance

Oliver Fleischmann is responsible for finance and liquidity management. He is the contact person for wages, tax and legal issues and represents all the financial and business interests of the AG.

Wicke Fleischer:
Management Central Services

Wicke Fleischer is responsible for the company’s Central Services division, in particular the management of the People & Culture, Accounting, Logistics, Purchasing and Controlling departments.

Daniel Herrmann:
Sales & Marketing Management

Daniel Herrmann heads the Sales and Marketing divisions at esz AG. This includes internal and external sales, order management and business development as well as the corporate sales and marketing departments.

Katharina Schwarzenbrunner:
Management of Operations

As operational manager, Katharina Schwarzenbrunner ensures that the high standards of esz AG are practiced and implemented throughout all seven esz locations.

Company history

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esz employees are team players, because only together can the best possible results be achieved. Team spirit and cooperation are part of our corporate culture. Find out what sets esz AG apart as an employer and how you can benefit as an employee.

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Awards & Memberships

esz AG received the “Bavaria’s Best 50” award in 2011 and 2020. These and other awards show that esz AG is not only on the right track thanks to its excellent growth figures, but also fulfils all the criteria of a modern and likeable employer.

Quality management

Testing and calibration laboratories are faced with the question of compliance with the “state of the art” and accreditation in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. Accreditation is intended to ensure that the requirements specified for the management of testing and calibration laboratories are applied in the company.

Quality management in laboratories is essential in order to meet legal, regulatory and normative requirements in the long term and to ensure, improve and further develop the quality of tests and calibrations.

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Accreditation certificate
Accreditation certificate

DAkkS accreditation

esz AG calibration & metrology is one of the leading and largest calibration laboratories in Europe. This is confirmed by the number of accredited quantities and measuring ranges in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The range of services offered by esz AG is enormous. It is now much easier to list business areas and measurement parameters for which there is no accreditation.

The available calibration facilities and laboratories allow the guaranteed traceability of all measured variables to national and international standards.

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Facts & Figures

esz AG calibration & metrology is one of the leading and most modern metrology laboratories in Europe and is one of Bavaria’s “Best 50” medium-sized companies. The company focusses on the calibration of industrial measurement technology. Tailor-made software solutions, a large service portfolio and cost transparency have characterised the company for over 45 years. The calibration laboratory is headquartered in Eichenau near Munich and has branches in Germany and Europe.

In 2011 and 2020, esz AG received the “Bavaria’s Best 50” award from the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. An award that everyone in the company is very proud of. These and other awards demonstrate that esz AG is not only on the right track thanks to its excellent growth figures, but also fulfils all the criteria of a modern and likeable employer.

In 1976, Dipl.-Ing. Siegfried Fleischmann – today’s Chairman of the Supervisory Board of esz AG – founded today’s esz AG as “Elektronik Service Zentrale”. Since then, the company has grown continuously, organically and in a structured manner – especially since 2003 – even in difficult economic times. By positioning itself on the market throughout Europe and striking a balance between growth and targeted expansion, esz changed its name from a GmbH to an AG at the beginning of 2009.

Have a look at our Meilensteine .

Within the scope of accreditation, esz AG is represented in the respective DKD technical committees. In this context, the company also chairs the Technical Committee on Measurement Uncertainty. esz AG is also involved in the VDI/VDE and plays a key role in the work on guidelines for the calibration of electrical measured values and in the development and implementation of a standardised data format for the exchange of measured values and data obtained in the course of calibration. In order to underscore its global recognition, esz AG has also supported the international committee of NCSL International (“The National Conference of Standards”) as a member since 2012. NCSL International is focussed on international metrological activities and cooperation. Both nationally and internationally, esz AG is represented with its experts in standardisation committees of the DKE (German Commission for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies in DIN and VDE), CENELEC (Comité Européen de Normalisation Électrotechnique) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) in order to make an active contribution with its expertise in the field of measurement uncertainty, statistical evaluation and conformity assessment, and has even been entrusted with the chairmanship of a working group for the IEC. The confidence of the DAkkS in the competence of esz AG is not only confirmed by the auditors in the course of the accreditation assessments, but also by the appointment of our experts to the DAkkS Expert Council and the Accreditation Advisory Board of Division 5. The latter through our membership of the VUP (Association of Independent Testing Laboratories).

esz AG works closely with scientists from the national metrology authority PTB, the cooperation partner Supracon and the Swiss colleagues from METAS. Together, they have succeeded in achieving a mobile Josephson voltage standard for direct and alternating variables. esz AG is a pioneer in quantum calibration in industrial laboratories. By expanding and further developing its technology and its own products, esz AG can ensure that it can maintain its leading role in the market and continue to grow in the future.

Our mission:
Safety needs trust. We make trust measurable.
For decisions of today and products of the future.

The quality policy and maximum customer orientation are the basis for our corporate principles.
The satisfaction of our customers is the top priority for esz AG. We always keep an eye on our customers’ current and future requirements. We regularly record any defects or complaints that arise, analyse them and derive corrective and preventive measures from them.

Response time

In 90% of cases, we respond to inquiries within 24 hours (request for quotation). We process and deliver customer-related orders within a maximum of five working days.


You can reach esz AG calibration & metrology Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm and Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.


We record all complaints from our customers and document them in a positive, serious and structured manner. We then analyse the causes and initiate direct measures to solve the problem. We try to identify potential complaints in advance and avoid them.


Our customers benefit from complete, comprehensible information and our customer-oriented communication. At esz AG calibration & metrology, we avoid abbreviations and so-called “technical jargon” as much as possible.

esz AG has been recognised as an ÖKOPROFIT company for its measures to improve operational environmental protection. These companies are known for their strong commitment to corporate environmental protection. In many areas, the measures far exceed the statutory minimum requirements. In order to maintain this ÖKOPROFIT standard, every company seeking an ÖKOPROFIT award must first undergo an audit according to criteria that are standardised throughout Germany.

Since the introduction of our actively practiced environmental management system, we have been able to reduce the consumption of limited raw materials and resources such as electricity, gas and fuel in the company and strengthen the corresponding ecological awareness among employees, partners and customers.

CO2 emissions, waste and environmental pollution have been reduced.

The recording and subsequent derivation of measures for energy and environmentally relevant procedures and processes ensures the continuous improvement of the company’s overall environmental performance.

Regular audits and continuous monitoring are an integral part of our environmental management system to ensure compliance with all relevant environmental regulations.

esz AG has been recognised as an ÖKOPROFIT company.

esz AG is a member of the Bavarian Environmental Pact.