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Welcome to the knowledge source. This is where you’ll find concise information on a wide range of topics, clearly arranged from A to Z. Immerse yourself and expand your knowledge.



Restoring an instrument’s or system’s default settings and/ or restoring to the equipment manufacturer’s original specifications/ accuracy.

asset expert

asset expert is a web-based software application dedicated to comprehensive test & measurement equipment management. The software architecture is designed to enable random access and does not require a specific system setup or hardware configuration. Basic requirement is: internet access (desktop PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) for real-time accessability. The design in terms of look and feel is customizable with respect to customer requirements including corporate identity, content, functions, access authorization etc.. The clear center of attention, along inventory, filing/ archiving, is processing, administring of test & measurement data and additional information with respect to quallity management such as location, avaliability and status. Past and present documents e.g. calibration reports are accessible and at one’s disposal – in real-time. Download and data export is completing Asset Expert’s functional range. Thus, extensive analysis of trends and risk analysis is feasible. Asset Expert is equipped with a useful reminder function to monitor reoccuring events, recalibration cycles or any other product safety or quality related time limits.


Calibration implies to measure and compare a measuring object (test object or device under test) to and against a traceable calibration standard following a well documented testing procedure.

According to the international vocabulary of metrology (VIM – JCGM 200:2012, 3rd edition published by “des Bureau International des Poids et Measures BIPM”) calibration is defined as “operation that, under specific conditions, in a first step, establishes a first relation between the quantity values with measurement uncertainties provided by measurement standards and corresponding indications with associated measurement uncertainties and, in a second step, uses this information to establish a relation for obtaining a measurement result from an indication“.

calibration expert

calibration expert is a software application dedicated to standardize calibration procedures in terms of content i.e. test points, applied calibration standards and measurement uncertainties among multiple calibration stations, calibrations laboratories, branch offices and for an infinite number of instruments to be calibrated. Calibration Expert is the ideal, unique and powerful software application for third-party calibration laboratories whether operating as part of an organization’s internal calibration laboratory or as an external, competing third-party calibration laboratory.


Logistik-Expert is esz AG’s pick-up and delivery service and relies on specially designated safety containers, highly trained people and direct transportation between customers and esz AG’s stationary calibration laboratories. Customers get to choose from individual pick-up and delivery, or weekly, recurring pick-up and delivery tour. Logistik-Expert is available in many areas around southern Germany and in Austria.


Any activity aimed at maintaining an instruments or systems basic functioning.


Measures taken to restore to an instrument’s or system’s basic functioning and original specifications respectively operative range and accuracy level.


TUR stands for Tolerance Uncertainty Ratio. TUR is the ratio of the specifications of the device under test to the measurement uncertainty of the calibration standard . A TUR of e. g. 4 means that the calibration standard is four times more exact compared to the device under test.