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Comprehensive range of services

Since 1997, the esz calibration laboratory has been accredited by the German Accreditation Body under DAkkS D-K-15019-01-00 (formerly DKD-K-18201) and authorised to issue accredited calibration certificates in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. We are one of the leading and largest calibration laboratories in Europe. This is confirmed by the number of accredited quantities and measuring ranges in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. Our calibration facilities and laboratories allow the guaranteed traceability of all measured quantities to national and international standards. The unique accreditation spectrum and our comprehensive range of services are the basis for our promise: We make trust measurable.

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Accreditation certificate

The range of services offered by esz AG is extensive. It is now much easier to list business areas and measurement parameters for which there is no accreditation.

The esz AG as the basis for every quality management system

Esz AG performs calibrations of measuring instruments and measuring standards for the quantities and measuring ranges specified during accreditation. The DAkkS/DKD calibration certificates issued by esz AG are proof of traceability to national standards, as required, for example, by the DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 family of standards. Important information on the calibration certificate can be found here.
Calibrations by the DAkkS/DKD laboratory provide every user with certainty about the reliability of their measurement results, increase the confidence of their customers and enhance their competitiveness on the national and international market. They serve as a metrological basis for monitoring measuring and test equipment as part of quality management. Have a look at the Quality management manual of esz AG.

DAkkS Accreditation No. D-K-15019-01

At regular intervals, the Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH confirms that the calibration laboratory of esz AG calibration & metrology has the competence according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 to carry out accredited calibrations both in the permanent laboratory and on site at the customer’s premises. This applies to the following areas:

Electrical Quantities

DC and low frequency

  • DC and AC voltage
  • DC and AC voltage meters
  • DC resistance
  • AC resistance
  • Charge
  • Energy
  • Inductance
  • Capacity
  • Phase difference between sinusoidal voltage signals
  • Phase difference between sinusoidal input current and sinusoidal output voltage
  • Phase difference between sinusoidal output signal and sinusoidal input current
  • Phase difference between sinusoidal voltage signal and sinusoidal current signal
  • Phase difference between fundamental and nth harmonic of a voltage signal
  • Phase difference between base wave and nth harmonic of a current signal
  • AC reactive power
  • AC apparent power
  • Loss factor
  • Sound pressure level, A-weighted
  • DC voltage, ripple factor

Time and Frequency

  • Time interval
  • Frequency and speed

Optical Quantities

  • Photometric Quantities
    • Illuminance level
    • Transmission
    • Turbidity level
    • Turbidity coefficient
  • Radiometric quantities
    • Optical performance
    • Optical attenuation
    • Wavelengths
    • Kilometric attenuation

Dimensional Quantities

  • Length
    • Thread
    • Diameter
    • Gauge blocks
    • Means of measuring length
    • Line dimensions, distances
    • Flatness/straightness
    • Parallelism
    • Coordinate measuring devices
  •  Angle
    • Slope

Flow measurement quantities

  • Flow of gases

Electrical high-frequency quantities

  • HF voltage
  • HF current
  • HF impedance (reflection factor)
  • HF power
  • HF attenuation
  • Pulse quantities
  • Oscilloscope quantities
  • Rise time
  • Bandwidth
  • HF noise
  • Modulation quantities

Thermodynamic quantities

Temperature quantities
  • Resistance thermometer
  • Thermocouples, thermoelements
  • direct-reading thermometers
  • Temperature indicators and simulators
  • Climate cabinets (temperature)
  • Surface thermometer, also direct reading
  • Liquid glass thermometer
  • Radiation thermometer
  • Block calibrators
  • Infrared radiators
  • Calibration baths

Moisture quantities
  • Humidity and dew point temperature

Climate cabinets (humidity)
  • Measuring instruments for relative humidity
  • Measuring instruments for absolute humidity

Mechanical quantities

  • Pressure
  • Absolute pressure
  • Relative pressure
  • Force
  • Torque
  • Torque in test benches
  • Scales
  • Mass

Measuring instruments in the automotive industry (MIK)

  • Roller brake testers
  • Disc brake testers
  • Headlamp alignment test systems (SEPS)
  • Installation areas for headlight alignment test units (ASEP
  • Parking spaces for motor vehicles
  • Exhaust gas measuring devices for spark ignition engines
  • Exhaust gas measuring devices for compression ignition engines

Your benefits

  • Identical standard for DAkkS and ISO calibrations
  • Calibration certificate available in digital (complete) and printed form


Logistik Expert

Mit dem Abhol- und Lieferservice der esz AG sind Ihre empfindlichen Prüfmittel immer in sicheren Händen. Wählen Sie zwischen einer individuellen Abholung und Zustellung oder unserem wöchentlichen Lieferservice mit festen Touren.

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Logistik Expert

Mit dem Abhol- und Lieferservice der esz AG sind Ihre empfindlichen Prüfmittel immer in sicheren Händen. Wählen Sie zwischen einer individuellen Abholung und Zustellung oder unserem wöchentlichen Lieferservice mit festen Touren.

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More information

The German Calibration Service (DKD) is an association of calibration laboratories from industrial companies, research institutes, technical authorities, monitoring and testing institutions, which are monitored, audited and accredited by the accreditation body (DAkkS) under the auspices of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). With its laboratories and technical committees, the DKD ensures the technical competence and the link between industrial metrology and the PTB’s legal mandate to disseminate the units in Germany.

German Accreditation Body DAkkS:

The legal mandate of DAkkS is to carry out the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies (laboratories, certification and inspection bodies). Accreditation by the DAkkS confirms that the above-mentioned bodies fulfil their tasks competently and in accordance with applicable requirements.

Accredited calibrations ensure internationally recognised traceability of measurement results in accordance with DIN EN ISO 17025 without the need for further verification. The benefits of accredited calibration of your measuring equipment include a high level of trust, legal certainty and international recognition.