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One has to take care of test equipment management. Best with aePLUS.

Our web-based software solution aePLUS enables you to manage your test equipment across your organisation.

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    Why aePLUS?

    aePLUS enables the inventory of your test equipment fleet and focuses on the archiving, preparation and management of additional information relevant to test equipment and quality assurance, such as location, availability, calibration and condition.

    The order page shows an overview of the current status of the test equipment at esz AG. The shipping information gives you access to the delivery and the tracking number allows you to track the route of your parcels when they are returned.

    Current and older calibration certificates or documents can be called up in no time and are available for download. aePLUS also offers a practical reminder function for monitoring recurring quality and product safety-relevant deadlines such as calibration cycles.

    Deutlich reduzierter Verwaltungsaufwand

    Significantly reduced administrative effort

    With aePLUS, manual database entries are history. Data is added either once when your inventory is transferred or step by step with oder at esz AG. Up-to-dateness is always guaranteed. A comparison of the content is validated with each recalibration and all information is synchronized.

    Manage calibration deadlines with notification function

    Never forget to call up your devices for recalibration again. aePLUS supports you in searching for due dates for any period, makes forecasting easier and helps you to keep overdue items transparent and manageable. Create your own reminders for test equipment that is due and define notification levels to ensure that your test equipment is calibrated on time. In addition, aePLUS users can receive email reminders for upcoming calibrations.

    Einhaltung von Kalibrierfristen durch praktische Benachrichtigungsfunktion
    Vollständige Historieneinsicht

    Full history insight

    With aePLUS, you can manage your test equipment-related data in one place. Compare calibrations and access past calibration certificates of the test equipment. With aePLUS, you have an immediate overview of the current and past status of your measuring instruments and the entire test equipment fleet.

    Central order management

    aePLUS provides you with an overview of all calibration orders. Search the data records by time period and order number or filter by time period.

    Zentrales Auftragsmanagement
    Auftragsübersicht auf einen Blick

    Order overview at a glance

    The timeline gives you an overview of the current status of the order.

    • Order created: Your order has been processed and a BK number has been created.
    • Devices arrived: We have received your devices.
    • Order being processed: Your devices are being calibrated in the laboratory. Completed calibrations appear with “Released I xxxx” in the order overview.
    • All approvals granted: All devices within your order have been calibrated. All calibration certificates are available for download.
    • Order is being dispatched: The delivery bill has been created and your devices have been prepared for shipment.
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    Your benefits

    • Significantly reduced administrative effort
    • Cost reduction through process automation
    • Real-time data access around the clock
    • Accelerated calibration process thanks to digital data transfer
    • Customised design possible
    • Complete history insight – 100% secure, traceable and digitally documented
    • Overview of order status, dispatch information

    24/7 online, easy to use, free of charge

    aePLUS is a web-based software that enables cross-company management of your test equipment. All you need for aePLUS is an internet-enabled end device and a browser. aePLUS makes additional software installations superfluous.

    Naturally, aePLUS is bilingual and can be used in German and English. Useful features such as the request for quotation for calibrations, the dark mode and an online help function round off the scope of services. Further functions for aePLUS are being planned and will be available with future releases.

    Secure free trial access now