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People’s skills drive our success at esz. Being a leader in the industry esz rely on highly skilled, dedicated, committed and motivated people. Join esz – today.

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esz AG calibration & metrology is Europe’s leading, third-party metrology laboratory. esz AG's core competency is industrial calibration for test and measurement equipment.

In over 40 years esz AG is known for tailored software solutions, exclusive, innovative service offering and cost transparency.

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Partner & Awards


DAkkS (German accreditation body) accredited, DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 compliant, internationally recognized calibration laboratory for test and measurement equipment.

National Instruments

esz AG calibration & metrology provides exclusive calibration service for NI's product range at factory level. esz AG is one of three NI accredited Certified Calibration Centers (CCC) and NI's single appointed calibration service provider in Europe.


Long term recognition as a DKD calibration laboratory. Effective May 3rd, 2011 "new“ DKD continue to consult PTB and is considered to be the industrial voice among PTB committees.

Bavaria's Best 50

The Bavarian Ministry for Economy and Transportation awarded esz AG "Bavaria’s Best 50“. The award is dedicated to medium-sized organiziations and honors outstanding business performance in terms of organic growth, leadership, innovation and working environment.

EMRP Joint Research Program SIB53

esz AG is partner in the Joint Research Project “Waveform metrology based on spectrally pure Josephson voltages”. The objective is the continuous improvement of a user-optimized Josephson Arbitrary Waveform Synthesizer (JAWS). A refined JAWS enables quantum exact AC measurements up to 1000 V and 1 MHz.


As an unfunded partner to the joined scientific research project MNPQ, carried and funded by the German Ministry for Economy and Technology, esz AG, Pysikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB Braunschweig, Germany) and Supracon AG (Jena, Germany) develop the first industrial Josephson-AC-Standard-Quantum-Voltmeter.


In recognition of multilateral accreditation requirements esz is European member of the NCSL International („The National Conference of Standards„). NCSL International is mainly focused on metrological activities and collaboration within North America and worldwide.


As a training center of the IHK Munich and Upper Bavaria for technicians for electronic devices and systems, office and communication merchants as well as specialist for application development or system integration esz ensure permanent quality for education and qualification.


INDUSTRIEPREIS is dedicated to honor most significant, innovative organizations, committed to making a difference. esz AG calibration & metrology’s Asset Expert, a software application for comprehensive test and measurement equipment management, recognized in the 2015 listing for “Industrial IT & Software Solutions”.