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Highly Sensitive Test & Measurement Instruments in Safe Hands

Routen für unseren LieferserviceHighly sensitive test & measurement instruments are always in safe at esz AG. esz AG's pick-up and delivery service relies on specially designated safety containers, highly trained people and direct transportation between customers and esz AG's stationary calibration laboratories. 

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Customers get to choose from individual pick-up and delivery, or weekly, recurring pick-up and delivery tours as part of esz AG's service offering Logistik Expert, available in many areas around Germany und Austria.  

Logistik Expert: What's in it for customers and test & measurement equipment?

Trained Professionals for Safe Transportation 

Highly sensitive test & measurement instruments require more attention than the average parcel service has to offer. Trained, highly skilled professionals, comfortable and familiar with handling highly sensitive, fragile instruments provide the base for esz AG's pick-up and delivery service in the means safe transportation.  Pass on costly shock-loggers or any other monitoring technique recording unexpected events and start getting comfortable, knowing your test equipment will make it back and forth to the calibration laboratory safe & sound. Periodic and countinuous training and awareness is the basic principle to secure test & measurement equipment. Focussing on driving safety and awareness clearly diminish the risk of transportation.

No Transport Packaging Required

Forget about looking the right box or packing materials. Highly trained personnel will take that off your hands as part of the Logistik Expert pick-up and delivery process. Take advantage of esz AG's pick-up and delivery service and start saving time, money and nervs, havings someone professional taking care of packaging and transporation.

Limited Downtime  - Weekly Pick-up and Delivery Service

Logistik Expert will ship your test & measurement equipment to esz AG's stationary calibration laboratory on the same day. Periodic, recurring, fixed pick-up and delivery tours enable customers to organize an plan downtimes exactly and down to a bare minimum.

Limited Risk of Transportation

Damaged or defective test and measurement equipment is high in price: esz AG's pick-up and delivery service does not stop at your door step. Besides packaging properly and handling your instruments safely all instruments are covered by goods in transit insurance. Start relying on Logistik Expert today and don't pay the price for inadequate, common, thrid-party shipping 

No Extra Cost

Starting at order quantities higher than € 1000,- Logistik Expert is free of charge. Take advantage  in all aspects of Logistik Expert. 

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